Monday, February 8, 2010

Newburyport, MA - my home

Newburyport, MA - port city, tourists, water view, and my home.

No blog yesterday as it was Superbowl Sunday. I didn't really watch the game since I was too busy cooking. And what was I cooking? Pancit. What's pancit you ask? Well, its a traditional filipino dish made up of rice noodles (you can actually make it with egg noodles as well but I prefer vermicelli), chicken, shrimp, cabbage, carrots, celery, and green beans. It's seasoned with soy sauce.

I keep getting asked to cook this so I ended up cooking two versions as one of my "customers" is a pescetarian (n. a person that only eats vegetables and seafood). So the first one I made had chicken and shrimp in it. Normally I put pork in there as well, but I wanted to keep this one simple. The second one was the pescetarian version. You can seriously even make it vegetarian if you wanted.

There's some sort of noodle dish like this in pretty much every Asian nationality. Pancit would be more of a combination of Chinese and Spanish cooking.

Anyway, it took me about 2 hours just chopping up the vegetables and peeling the shrimp and shredding the boiled chicken. My arms are still pretty sore and feels like I have been lifting weights.

Here are the colorful ingredients:

Green beans(cut diagonally and thin, not quite sure what that slicing method is called), carrots (julienned), and I almost forgot, one medium onion diced and four cloves of garlic (I love garlic)


Snow peas cut in half diagonally and peeled whole shrimp (about half a pound)

Boiled chicken shredded by hand

Vermicelli - rice noodles and soy sauce (low sodium of course)

Here's the quick recipe:

Sautee the onions and garlic in 2 tbps vegetable oil (medium heat); once they are translucent, add the chicken and shrimp (or just shrimp for the pescetarian version). Once the shrimp is pinkish (which means its cooked), add about 3 tbps soy sauce (more if you want). Keep mixing them until the soy sauce is well infused with the ingredients. Add in about 3 cups of chicken stock and simmer for 2 minutes (to add more flavor, I usually add in chicken bouillon cube or powder). Then add in cabbage, green beans, snow peas, carrots, and celery. Cook until the vegetables are tender. I kinda like my veggies crispy, so I cook them for about 3-5 minutes in medium heat. Then finally add in and cook the noodles until all the liquids are absorbed by the noodles. I promise it is a fantastic recipe. It's my first favorite noodle dish next to chap chae, a sweet Korean noodle dish. Enjoy!

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