Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guess this food game

If you can guess this food and where it's from, I will cook for you next time I see you.

Been a bit busy at work to write a blog, but I have some recipes and restaurant reviews coming next week.

Oh, and I'm also busy for the next three weeks as I will be moving into a condo! Woohooo I'm an adult now... I think...

Here's the rough agenda of what's coming up.

- Restaurant review for Irish Cottage, Ebenezer's Pub, and Dali's Tapas
- Sushi in Boston - not sure where yet, but I'm sure its sometime in March around my birthday
- Pasta - since I haven't had any sort of pasta post
- Logo - I am working with a show de bola friend that is designing my branding. I haven't told him specifically what I want, but it will come to life soon.

Ok that's it. Foreign recipe blog tomorrow (by foreign I mean my mom made up this recipe and I adopted it and made it my own but this definition of foreign recipe won't always hold true, it will get redefined again and again).

Your hungry traveling foodie

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  1. Ok, here is my answer: this was at Dunns at 4am after a crazy night at Terasse Bonsecour, annnnd Ali ate the last onion ring :(