Sunday, February 14, 2010

New England Chocolate Company - Salisbury, MA

My boss once told me that a good chocolate boutique always offers you a box so that your chocolate won't be mushed in your bag (but I never really have that problem as I would probably finish that box in a minute after leaving the shop). One of the chocolate places I discovered lately was New England Chocolate Company in Salisbury, MA and they offer you a box for your chocolates, of course they had to be spectacular.

My boyfriend mentioned this place to me about a year ago since he drives by this place every time he goes surfing. He kept telling me he has been meaning to bring me some chocolate home; well, it was a year or so later that we finally did end up going.

I had a serious craving for chocolate about three weeks ago and we just had to stop there. I'm happy we did make the stop. We spent about $6 worth of chocolate and every penny was worth it.

The owner was friendly and exuded this pride on having such a scrumptuos quaint boutique in New England. We ended up having a conversation and I told her about this specific white Brazilian chocolate with dolce de leite inside. We ended the conversation with her telling us about this specific chocolate dish that she makes only on Valentine's day and Thanksgiving (or it could have been Christmas, I can't remember) in which customers have to get on the calling list. I had no idea what it was but I agreed to it. I'm always up for trying anything.

The master chocolatier herself, Jayne. She was concocting almond caramel turtles. Yum!

Finally, the owner called last week and told my boyfriend the specialty chocolate was ready. At that time we still had no idea what this specific chocolate was called until I picked it up yesterday. It is called Turona. Sounds exotic, I know. I only bought three pieces and I was highly disappointed at the fact that I didn't buy more as the turona was serious business. The two pieces I had (two because I was nice enough to offer one to my boyfriend) was just perfect.

So what is a turona? Well, the best way I can describe it is this smooth layering of goodness with creamy milk chocolate. I had to ask the owner exactly what was in it; it contains Belgian milk chocolate, pralines, and wafers and they are layered. So when you do try it, you will be biting into a divine piece of chocolate with a slight crunch!

I just love Chocolate Day aka Valentine's Day!

Without further adieu, here are the decadent confectionaries:

Happy Chocolate Day indeed!

This is what I bought. The little cute cubes on the left are the Turonas, in the center are peanut butter cups, one dark and one milk, above right are chocolate covered pretzels (my other favorites), and below the pretzels are chocolate truffles (better than Lindor!)

I know, its difficult not to have a craving after seeing all the chocolate goodness. If you want to try Jayne's chocolate and find out about her story, check out her website at or check out her chocolate heaven at:

New England Chocolate Company Inc.
123 Lafayette Road
Salisbury, Massachusetts 01952

You missed the turonas but I promise there are other greatness in her boutique to enjoy.

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