Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mootone Sushi - Andover, MA

Andover is a very small affluent town, north of Boston, MA. It's not really known for anything.... unless you consider Jay Leno as a comodity that made Andover known, otherwise, it's not much of anything. It's like any other suburbia.

One thing, I think that is special about this town is Mootone Sushi. I adore this place. I have been a regular here since I was 18. As mentioned in a previous post, my cousin Karli and I went to a sushi place once and they brought us a cruise ship full of amazing makis and sashimis; that was an anecdote about Mootone.

I truly adore this place. I am there almost every month (on either a Tuesday or Wednesday).

Long are the days of me ordering my usual: Eel, cucumber and avocado maki, Shrimp with mango maki, and Philadelphia. All I use to have to say was "I'm ordering for pick up..." and they wouldn't even ask for my name and what I wanted. They use to just recite my order and give me the time.

I have evolved from those three rolls, but I still order them. Here are some of the other things I order from Mootone:

This is a pork gyoza. This is actually my first time trying this. It's pretty good.

Chicken Tempura with vegetables... don't even ask but we ordered this meal as well and none of us could finish the sushi we ordered.

From top to bottom: Philadelphia maki, Rainbow Maki, Eel with crabstick and spicy mayo, Dragon Maki, and Andover Maki. What's in an Andover Maki? it's scallop, and salmon cooked with the spicy tuna mayo topped with panko crumbs. Eating it is like Jesus coming down to give you a big hug (haha that's a quote from my boss, who I was with yesterday trying to finish this plate along with my previous boss. I love getting people to eat together. Eating fortifies relationships, especially when you eat sushi together.

Not only do they have sushi, they also have teppanyaki so if you are wanting to see a show and eat it after, you have that option as well.

Overall, I would give Mootone an 8 out of 10, 10 being the best. I will explain my rating system eventually. It's not consistent across all sushi places and locations.
I can go more in depth next time but that's the only 20 minutes I had to blog today.

If you ever find yourself in a little town called Andover, MA definitely visit Mootone.

15 Railroad Street
Andover, MA 01810-3516
(978) 623-8006

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  1. This reminds me of the time we went for sushi last year....and Lucy drizzled soy sauce down her shirt